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You're Going to Make It Cover

>You're Going to Make It—The Little Ukelele That Could

December 2, 2019—Washington, DC.  Singer/songwriter/producer Dave Goodrich’s  newest reggae- and soul-influenced rock singleYou’re Going to Make It is released December 2, 2019, on major digital music platforms. 

Inspired by the recent passing of Dave’s father, the self-produced single is rich with jubilant and uplifting rhythm and positive soul melody and lyric. “A friend gave me a toy ukulele right after my father passed away,” Dave explains. “The chord combination on  on my song You’re Going to Make It is literally the first thing that I played on the toy ukulele. I used both the chord progression and the ukulele on the final track,” Dave continues. “I thought it would be so cool if this little instrument that had been stuffed away in a basement became so successful that its unique sound reached millions of ears and brought inspiration for people to move through the roadblocks to happiness that we’ve built in this world today,” he explains. “The little ukulele that could!”  Dave laughs. And, with certainty, this ukulele will succeed.

Some of the intelligently-crafted songs penned by Goodrich have woven their waves into more than 100 television shows—including MTV's MADE and The Oprah Winfrey Show—and have been licensed by companies such as Red Bull Media House. In addition to extensive placement on TV shows aired in the Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia [Still waiting, Antarctica! :) ], Dave's recordings have received radio airplay on commercial, college, and internet stations and have charmed both listeners and reviewers alike.

Dave has performed in venues such as Washington, DC's cool-edged 9:30 Club, the Manhattan landmark The Back Fence in Greenwich Village, and San Francisco’s iconic punk venue Mabuhay Gardens. Along the way, he has shared bills with many other gifted artists, including Jewel, Howie Day, A Flock of Seagulls, and Bill Kirchen, to name a few. 

Dave Goodrich's rock-based repertoire includes flavors of jazz, blues, and other popular genres, and his musical style sometimes reflects the indelible Latin influences from his days as a jungle- and volcano-exploring high school student in Mexico City. His rhythmic, percussive embellishments on the guitar reveal his history as a professional drummer.

A San Francisco State University music alumnus, Dave has been a voting member of The National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences (The GRAMMYS).

Posted 12/3/19


Dave Goodrich at Old House Vineyards

Photo by Sherri Phillips

>2019 Concerts at Vineyards & Wineries in Virginia

Dave Goodrich performs at various Virginia vineyards and wineries during the year.  His 2019 vineyard concert schedule includes upcoming performances at  Old House VineyardsGray Ghost VineyardsBarrel Oak Winery, Wilderness Run VineyardsGrace Estate Wineryand James River Cellars Winery. Mark your calendar now! Be sure to check back for new additions to the schedule.

Thursday, July 4th:  Old House Vineyards

Saturday, July 6th:  Grace Estate Winery

Friday, July 12th:  Old House Vineyards

Friday, July 14th:  Gray Ghost Vineyards

Friday, July 26th:  Old House Vineyards

Friday, August 9th:  Old House Vineyards

Saturday, August 17th:  Grace Estate Winery

Saturday, August 18th:  Wilderness Run Vineyards

Sunday, September 1st:  Gray Ghost Vineyards

Saturday, September 7th:  Barrel Oak Winery

Sunday, September 29th:  James River Cellars Winery

Friday, October 4th:  Old House Vineyards

Saturday, November 16th:  Barrel Oak Winery

For more information, check out Dave's Tourdates page

Posted 7/1/2019


Song & Album News

So Far from Hollywood Cover Image

 New Single So Far from Hollywood

Dave Goodrich's latest single So Far from Hollywood is now available on major online music retailers, including iTunes, Google Play, Amazon.com, and CD Universe.  You can stream the song at ReverbNation and Spotify.

To read about the single

Posted 6/21/2016




Wrap Me in Your Christmas Love Cover

>New Christmas Single by Dave Goodrich

Fredericksburg, VA, Nov. 30, 2015—BQE Records, LC recording artist Dave Goodrich today announced the release of his new Christmas love song entitled Wrap Me in Your Christmas Love on major online music retailers starting on December 1, 2015.  The song is a self-produced pop-rock production with 1960s Motown influences.

This single release marks Dave Goodrich’s first original Christmas song.  Dave’s guitar playing on the recording is reminiscent of that of the 1980s group The Pretenders.  Dave also provides rich lead vocals on top of lush backing vocal harmonies, Motown-like drums, fat bass and keyboard candy. Married with addicting melodies and musical hooks, the song’s catchy lyrics invite love in the holiday season.  

Dave’s first solo recording as a singer/songwriter—the ten-song album 15 Minutes—has received over 100 placements on television shows.  Additional solo recordings include the full album Stripped Away, a science-meets-psychology-inspired single called What’s the Dark Matter?, and this year’s soulful Valentine’s Day single release You Are There.  In celebration of the 2014 Christmas season, Dave released a soothing electronic version of Silent Night.  Dave was also a member/producer/songwriter of the 1980s DC-based power pop trio Mind’s i that released the EP A House Defiled (BBTB Records, LC), which spent a summer on the national college radio charts.

“’Tis the season to give and receive,” says the Washington-born musician and producer.  “The stores are filled with Christmas toys for all the girls and all the boys, but the greatest gift of all is love.”   Dave adds with a sparkle in his eyes, “A new guitar is always nice, too!”

Posted 11/30/15


You Are There Cover Image

 You Are There Single Release

Dave Goodrich's new single You Are There was released on major online music stores (including iTunes and Amazon.com) on February 10, 2015.  The song, which marries a modern soul feel to a retro-embellished soundscape, is about the secure feeling of true love.

To view the song trailer and listen to a sample

To view the official video


"Listen to this song and fall in love again."  —Dave Goodrich

Posted 3/12/2015




Silent Night Cover Image

Silent Night Single Release

Dave Goodrich's holiday single Silent Night is now available on iTunes, Amazon.com, cd Universe, emusic, and other fine digital retailers.

To listen to a sample

Posted 12/1/2014




What's the Dark Matter? Cover Image

What's the Dark Matter? Single Release

Dave Goodrich's single What's the Dark Matter? is available exclusively at ReverbNation.

To read about the single

Posted 12/1/2014




TV & Film/Theater News

The No Rules Show

 The No Rules Show

Dave Goodrich was a guest on The No Rules Show at the Signature Theatre in Arlington, VA, on Friday, July 12, 2013.  Dave performed two songs and was interviewed about his songwriting, acting, and life by the host, Joshua Morgan.  This very funny live show—Half Revue.  Half Talk Show.  All No Rules.—was directed by Brian Sutow.

To find out more about Dave's acting experiences, check out his TV & Film page.

Posted 7/22/2014