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Stripped Away (Album)

Stripped Away Album Cover

Cover design and photography by Sandra Goodrich

Stripped Away

RELEASE DATE:  2012 [DG072812 (compact disc + digital download)]


Ten-song solo album released on limited-run CD (7/28/12) and through digital download (11/26/12).  Currently available through iTunes and other online music retailers.

An acousto-centric homage to the bare essentials of life and the enduring power of love.  Stripping down to the core of his creative spirit, Dave Goodrich wrote, performed, produced, engineered, and mastered this heart-stroking collection of songs in its entirety at his private studio. Sandra Goodrich provided the cover design, concepts, graphics, and photography, as well as audio consultation.

TRACKS:  Stripped Away; Your Love; When You're in Love This Way; Emotional Menu; I Live for You; It's Your Time; Let It Go; It's Thursday; Make It Right Again; My Friend


Dave Goodrich:  All vocals and instruments


1.  Stripped Away (written by Dave Goodrich)

2.  Your Love (written by Dave Goodrich)

3.  When You're in Love This Way (written by Dave Goodrich)

4.  Emotional Menu (written by Dave Goodrich)

5.  I Live for You (written by Dave Goodrich)

6.  It's Your Time (written by Dave Goodrich)

7.  Let It Go (written by Dave Goodrich)

8.  It's Thursday (written by Dave Goodrich)

9.  Make It Right Again (written by Dave Goodrich)

10.  My Friend (written by Dave Goodrich)

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