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Because of his great love for both visual and auditory arts, television and film have always had a special place in Dave Goodrich's heart.  As an actor, he has been on camera in more than 20 TV, film, and commercial projects, including movies such as The Jackal, Deep Impact, and Contact.  In an episode of The History Channel's Haunted History, he played the ghost of Frenchie, who is believed to still haunt a landmark Baltimore bar.  Goodrich says, "I got a call from Hollywood one day.  The casting agent said she'd seen my headshot and I looked like this guy Frenchie who used to hang out in a former speakeasy in Baltimore years ago.  I agreed to do the shoot immediately.  My wardrobe for the show was a really cool vintage tuxedo!"   

In the HBO production Iron-Jawed Angels, Dave had the opportunity to work on camera with Australian actress Frances O'Connor as he helped the stunt guys throw her into the paddy wagon.  "I like doing scenes that require a lot of physical action, perhaps because of my history as a drummer.  I like strong movement!" says Goodrich.  "Working on Iron-Jawed Angels was one of my favorite projects.  I had the opportunity to do a variety of exciting scenes—including riding in an antique car that was on the verge of blowing up on the set—and to meet some really exciting people."  One of those people was two-time Academy Award winner Hilary Swank. "She just came up and started a conversation.  She has a really warm, friendly presence."

Although Dave Goodrich enjoys being part of the action on the set, he also loves having his music play a role.  The intelligently-crafted songs penned by this Washington, DC-born singer/songwriter/producer have woven their waves into more than 100 television shows aired in the Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia, including multiple episodes of MTV's MADE, The Oprah Winfrey Show, and Martha Stewart's syndicated show Martha, and specials such as CMT's Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders: Making the TeamA & E, The Travel Channel, The Biography Channel, The Food Network, HGTV, The Discovery Channel HD, The History Channel, PBS, and numerous other networks have also aired a mélange of productions bearing Dave Goodrich's musical signature, and companies such as Red Bull Media House have licensed his compositions for their creations.  In addition to song placements from his first solo album 15 MinutesOne More Turn—a track slated for inclusion in a future album release—has already rocked its way into more than a dozen television shows, including VH1's I Love Toys.  The currently-unreleased composition Instrumental #2 has been placed in numerous shows, including MTV's MADE.

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