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You Are There (Single)

You Are There Cover Image

Cover design and photography by Sandra Goodrich

You Are There

RELEASE DATE:  2015 [digital download only]


Single song released through digital download.  Currently available through iTunes and other online digital retailers.

Dave Goodrich's ode to love.  Besides providing the lead vocals as well as all instrumental tracks, Dave Goodrich produced and engineered this soulful tune.  Mastered by Abbey Road Online Mastering.

TRACKS:  You Are There


Dave Goodrich:  Guitar, Keyboards, Bass, Drums, Vocals


You Are There (written by Dave Goodrich)

Song Notes

Tuesday, February 10th, 2015 marked the digital release of singer/songwriter Dave Goodrich’s single You Are There, a love song all wrapped up in soul and ready to roll into hearts everywhere, just in time for Valentine's Day.

“I just wanted to write a sweet, soul love song for my wife for Valentine’s Day.  Something that might last for many Valentine's Days to come,” confesses the song's composer.

While Dave Goodrich is no stranger to penning love lyrics, the delivery of You Are There represents a little bit of a stylistic departure for the singer's recordings. He credits a recent audio experience as an influence in the development of the track. “I did some analog-to-digital transfers for a friend who co-wrote some songs with the late Billy Preston. I was inspired by the genre that Billy was working in, so I wrote and recorded You Are There,” explains Goodrich. “I grew up in the Washington, DC, area with Soul, R&B, and Motown as major music influences. I'm thankful to revisit these genres and marry them with my own modern acoustic rock sounds.”

Recorded at Dave Goodrich’s private studio, You Are There was then mastered at Abbey Road Online Mastering Service in London, the same studio known for the Beatles albums that Billy Preston worked on. “Coincidentally, my wife recommended mastering You Are There at Abbey Road without knowing about Preston's influence on the song,” Goodrich muses. “It's amazing how these things come together.”

Watch the official video on Youtube!

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